Thursday, January 14, 2010

Banquet Decorating Ideas Banquet Ideas For Decorating.?

Banquet ideas for decorating.? - banquet decorating ideas

I am in 10 degrees. My school has always been a winter festival. For couples ...... we dress and eat together (duh, a banquet, lol)
then we turn in jeans and sports shirts ..... and lay all night in the gymnasium.

The tenth grade is still responsible for all this. This is my class. This is a small school for 200 children. The banquet was in school only so far, only about 100 children. My class has 15 children. Therefore, 15 is responsible for the banquet.

We expect that the chicken parmesan food and the question is always something a little Valentine. We are in 19th place February ......

But we do not, lol Cupids and hearts like everything in black and red. (maybe a little white)

And, like red roses, candles .......

Other ideas?

It's like our dance. We have a party, what we do in his place. according to the official, we get the pictures made (pairs)

We believe that the photos got together the man and the girl, boy girl arm around her waist, and red and white balloons all around on the ground. with a white background. So what?

Other ideas?


lulabell... said...

Perhaps a little could have added a theme, like Alice in Winter Wonderland. The color scheme can be good with this black, red and white. I think, playing cards, White Rabbit, Queen of Hearts.

You can make it as formal as you like, maybe a table playing cards with cocktail glasses with a red stamp with labels filled Drink Me tell.

These bunny prints from black paper cut to the scene.

Cotton Shine Spray to give a glowing effect snow.

Maybe a tea party table with elegant cake stands and tea pots, cups and saucers. Perhaps the heart shaped cakes with jam.

Just a thought, hope this helps, and you have a big party!

XXx Lulabelle

storkdel... said...

Have a beautiful Christmas tree picture. Colorful balloons hung everywhere with long chain. Confetti everywhere. chicken parm does not work for me and stains on clothing. Potatoes roasted Turkey goes along way.
Strobe light and good music for later. If it is the veil in school is not loud. Wil is SO Lights, to get a cable. Do not lean on Valentine safer. But it is also your Christmas shopping. Have a nice time. Sales silver boots.

Raels1 said...

How about a few boxes of different sizes, in white or red or black, and tied with a ribbon wrapped around the difference - you can fix the wall, they hang in clusters, scattered on the tables, etc., etc.

Love the color scheme. Sounds good to me.

Good luck and have a good time.

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